This is the list of plant accessions in the database that you have in your collection, either as a living plant or as seeds. NB! If KVANN has no accessions of a species or a variety, you cannot activate it here. This is not a list of all the plants you are interested in, or plants you have from other sources than KVANN, or everything you have in your garden. (If such functionality is asked for, it can be developed in a later version). Read more about what accessions are here. If the accession is going out of your collection or you do not want to list it, use the bin button.

The next thing you can do with an activated accession, is to show info concerning which accessions you have seeds and/or plant material to share from with members. Your choice here at any moment in time will be visible to all members in the catalogue. This way all members are responsible for keeping their own sharing information up to date.

Black button means "I currently share", grey "I currently do not share":


Membeships required to display user batches

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